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Learn about your quit smoking support journey on the program

Your Journey on the Program

We will help one million people globally to stop smoking. We have a program that has been designed to be easy to understand and follow, but importantly provides you with the quit smoking support to help you succeed.

Prior to Starting

  • Whilst you wait for your tablets, watch and action our 3-part ‘Change Behaviour’ video podcast series to give you the right tools and to help get you in the right space to start your quit smoking journey.
  • We give you tips and ideas on how to best prepare yourself for success and become a non-smoker!
  • Join our Private ‘Quitters’ Facebook Group for community support and practical advice!

Days 1 – 5

  • Take the NaturQuit® tablets provided as per the instructions.
  • You can still smoke during this time.
  • Let the ‘Quitters’ Facebook Group know you’re starting, they’ll reach out and support you also!

Days 6 – 8

  • This is where most of our customers report that their cravings have reduced significantly and that they have either cut down or stopped smoking completely. You continue the program until Day 30.
  • Don’t forget to let people in your Private Facebook Group know how you’re doing!

Days 9 – 30

  • Read your daily Support Program Emails and daily texts from Us, they’re packed with advice, tips and helpful articles.
  • Follow your personal action plan you created from watching the ‘Change Behaviour’ videos
  • Fully Immerse yourself in the program offered.

A Word From Our Founders

We love people stopping smoking and suddenly realising that they can actually beat what they thought was an unsurmountable problem. It brings them such happiness and a sense of achievement that they often go off and change their behaviours and their lives and that brings us such happiness because people suddenly realise they have the power to do this for themselves.


Why Does QSN® Work so Well?

Listen as our founder explains why QSN® Naturquit® works so well.

QSN Health

Since 2014, the QSN® Stop Smoking Program has helped thousands of people quit smoking with our unique integrated cessation program.

QSN Blog

Get videos, tips, information and advice, on Addiction, Nutrition, Wellness and Change Behaviour to help support you quit smoking.


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