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* Results of the QSN® Stop Smoking Program may vary from person to person.

Why QSN? Because Quitting Can Be Easier Than You Think


Our NaturQuit® pills are meticulously developed as the foundational element of the QSN Stop Smoking Program.

Expertly crafted from a proprietary blend of vitamins and botanical extracts, specifically formulated to help you quit.

Unlike traditional methods, NaturQuit® ensures that you can combat your smoking habits without resorting to nicotine or exposing your body to harmful chemicals.

Tailored Support System

Quitting smoking isn’t just about overcoming physical cravings—it’s also about changing habits and mindsets. That’s why we pair our NaturQuit® pills with a robust support system, including:

  • Daily motivational SMS messages that keep you focused and positive.
  • Email support with actionable tips, success stories, and encouragement.

Proven Success

The numbers speak for themselves— Less than 5% of our participants return their Program for their money back*, over 95% do not!

Our approach combines physical and psychological strategies that address all aspects of smoking addiction..

Tens of thousands of people have already stopped smoking within days of starting the Program; our customers even tell us they found stopping smoking is 'easy'.

  • No going cold Turkey
  • No patches, gums, or lozenges
  • No inhalers or nasal spray
  • No pharmaceutical drugs

Successful Customers


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5 Star Reviews

See the impact for yourself - Rapid Results

30-Day Supply of NaturQuit® Pills: Participants may feel a significant reduction in their desire to smoke within just a few days of starting the program.

We aim to make quitting smoking achievable and start showing results quickly.

Typically, participants tell us that they find they can stop smoking by Day 6, thanks to NaturQuit®.

Limited Time Offer (July 2024)

On the Program you will get:

  • NaturQuit® may take away the craves AND you may not want to smoke or vape anymore
  • Video educational 3-part series to help you change your behavior towards smoking by our Coaching Expert, Aussie Dave
  • Daily SMS messages to keep you motivated
  • Daily email support program with tips and information to help you quit

$345 Value

Special Offer!

    Take Advantage of Our Discounted Rate:

    Sign up today and receive a 80% discount on the full program.

    Money Back Guarantee- if you don't stop smoking in 8-days!

  • BONUS 30 Tips to help you QUIT (As told by smokers who quit on our Program)
  • BONUS Quarterly phone check-in support service to see how you are doing


Buy Now, 80% Discount : Total $69.95 with FREE shipping

Real Stories, Real Success

Tailored Guidance Delivered Daily

Daily Support Emails:

Receive daily emails with actionable tips, based on the latest research to enhance your quitting success. Each message is tailored to match the stage of your quit journey.

Topics Covered:


Strategies to nourish your body and manage cravings.

Addiction and Recovery

Understanding and overcoming the psychological challenges of quitting.

Wellness and Lifestyle Changes

Incorporating healthy habits into your new smoke-free life.

Behavioral Change

Techniques to alter smoking-related behaviors and responses.

Motivational Text Messages:

Receive daily SMS messages providing timely motivational support that aligns with your program day, helping keep your progress on track.

Engaging Multimedia Resources:

Access exclusive videos and articles that offer deep insights into quitting smoking, managing withdrawal symptoms, and sustaining long-term success.

Your Satisfaction, Guaranteed

We believe in our program so much that we offer a 100% money-back guarantee. If you don’t find success by Day 8 of the program, simply return the unused pills for a full refund.

Ask Us Anything

Chat with us online using the web chat widget. We are available 24/7.

Just click on the widget in the bottom right hand corner to start the chat and ask us anything.

If you would like to organise a complimentary phone consultation with a Smoking Cessation expert to discuss your situation in more detail, this can be requested through the web chat team also.

It's never too late to quit...

See how the body starts to heal itself after as little as 20 minutes without cigarette smoke.

20 Minutes after Quitting

The heart rate and blood pressure drop back to normal levels.

12 Hours after Quitting

The level of carbon monoxide in the blood drops to normal.

1-2 Weeks after Quitting

Circulation and lung function improve.

3-9 Weeks after Quitting

Constant coughs and shortness of breath become less pronounced. The tiny hairs lining the lungs work normally again and clean the lungs to reduce risk of infection.

1 Year after Quitting

The risk of getting coronary heart disease is half as high as a smokers.

5 Years after Quitting

The risk of contracting mouth, throat, esophagus, and bladder cancers is half of what it is for smokers. Risk of cervical cancer and stroke fall, too.

10 Years after Quitting

The risk of dying from lung cancer is half that of a smokers. Risk of getting pancreatic and larynx cancer also decreases

15 Years after Quitting

The risk of heart disease is equivalent to a non-smokers.

Watch Vinnie's Diary on the Program

Born in the UK, moved to the USA for University.

Vinnie kept a diary of his time on the Program.

He works in a video production company so he had the videographer record his experience.

How much is smoking costing you?

Smoking isn't just harmful to your health, it's harmful to your wallet too. Find out how much you could save if you said goodbye to cigarettes today.

Slide the buttons from left to right to see how much you spend!

When I buy cigarettes, I normally get20 in a pack
When I buy cigarettes, they usually cost$25  
per pack
On a usual day, I would smoke20 cigarettes
If you stopped smoking today, you could save
per month

A healthier life awaits

Imagine your life without cigarettes: more energy, better health, and more money in your pocket. It’s not just about adding years to your life but also life to your years. Let the QSN Stop Smoking Program help you achieve a smoke-free future.

Limited Time Offer (July 2024)

MSRP $345.00

Buy Now, 80% Discount : Total $69.95 with FREE shipping

Don't quit trying to quit.

"It takes no guts to be skeptical, it takes guts to believe.

To put yourself on the line.

To take action and risk failure and ultimately to succeed"

Anthony Robbins






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A message from our co-Founder

Welcome to Our Journey Towards a Smoke-Free Life

"As we mark 10 years of empowering smokers to quit, I invite you to embrace your smoke-free future with us.

The QSN Stop Smoking Program offers more than just pills; it provides a comprehensive path to quitting smoking that has helped many people.

Join us, and see the difference for yourself!"

Nigel Houghton

Co-Founder of QSN Health

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